Oakland Cemetery Hunt

How many ghosts can your team find using our special app, clues, and mysterious artifacts?


The locals used to enjoy having the occasional ghost haunting the grounds because they were great for tourism, but now the area has become overrun! Your group will identify and capture as many of the ghosts as possible. Each team will be issued a packet of historical documents and other clues about the ghosts, where they can be found, and how to move each ghost on to the next life. Each team will also have a ghost detection device (iPad) which can view ghosts invisible to the naked eye.


Results / Skills / Analytics

  • Explore a historic cemetery in a fun way.

Vision / Strategies / Concepts

  • Build communication and listening skills

Systems / Tools / Practice

  • Have a very unique experience and a lot of fun

Culture / Support / Discussions

Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Our staff welcome the participants to the hunt and get everyone ready for a great event. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create small teams.

Team Up! (5-10 minutes) Teams take a few moments to create a name and slogan for their team, and build some team spirit and unity.

Event intro (5 minutes) Our fun and energetic staff give the group a quick tutorial on the app and any other event components to ensure a smooth start.

The Haunt (1-2 hours) Teams use interactive maps in the app and items within the graveyard to unlock a variety of challenges. Activities include:

  • “Historic” Documents: Each team will receive a packet of letters, journal entries, newspaper clippings, and more related to the town founders and important people. Careful examination can reveal a lot.
  • Helpful Spirits: Clues from the documents will lead teams to some spirits that can only be seen using the app in just the right location. These spirits will reveal important information about the problem ghosts.
  • Historical Landmarks: Teams determine where to find each ghost by using their detective skills, then visit those locations. Places don’t look the same as they used to, so participants must compare their historic maps with modern reality.
  • Wandering Poltergeists: These destructive ghosts wander in certain parts of town. Teams get points for solving the clues leading to their locations, and bonus points for catching these sneaky spirits.
  • Ghost Casting-Out Challenges: Once teams have dis- covered what information and artifacts will make a ghost move on, they can successfully cast out that ghost.

Scoring (5 minutes) Teams turn in their materials, and then the final scores are dramatically revealed.

Wrap-Up (5 minutes) We end with a few final thoughts and an awesome group picture.

After Party Slideshow If you want to have a more celebrational wrap up, or just run pictures during dinner, we can provide you with a website link so that your team can immediately view photos and videos from your event.



2 – 3 hours




Oakland Cemetery

Group Size

20 – 200 people

Team Size

4 – 6 people each


Complete facilitation, team bandanas, event materials, iPads, digital cameras, pictures and videos.

"We had positive feedback from everyone on the event, all had a great time! Thank you again for putting together a great event on short notice for our group!”