How Our App-Based Atlanta Scavenger Hunts Work

“Scavenger hunt” means something very different today than a game searching for bottle caps and knick-knacks. Today’s treasure hunts are sophisticated, high tech, engaging, can serve a multitude of goals, and work for a wide range of participants, all at the same time.


Your on-site facilitator will lead a fun energizer to get the group warmed up and ready to play.

Event Introduction

Your fun and engaging facilitators introduce the main event, and show participants how to download the app and play the game. Additional support materials and team bandanas are provided as well.

Game Play

Teams will roam throughout your selected venue looking for answers to trivia, locations for fun videos, backdrops for team photos, and a wide variety of other fun and challenging tasks. Each person will have the app on their phone, allowing them to work together even if staying six feet apart.

Scoring & Wrap-Up

Teams gather together for final scores, prizes if selected, and a great, but safe, team picture.

Post Event Slideshow

We provide you with a website link so your team can view photos and videos from all the teams.

Survey Results

(Optional) We can load survey questions about the game, how your team is doing, or any other topic you like. The team leader can review replies to gain insight into how the team is doing and where they may need support.